Summary of Lord of the Flies Chapter 4 - Painted Faces and Long Hair

    Summary of Lord of the Flies Chapter 4 - Painted Faces and Long Hair

  • 1 The kids got used to mirages

    The kids got used to seeing mirages as they kept happening frequently and throughout the day.

  • 2 The smaller boys were called littluns

    The smaller boys got identified as the littluns while the bigger ones were called the Biguns.

  • 3 The littluns adapted to the new life

    The littluns gathered fruits to eat. They got used to stomach aches that came from eating non ripe fruits. The cried for their moms less often, obeyed the leader and didn't care much about the world of the biguns.

  • 4 Jack painted his face to hunt pigs

    Jack realized that he needs to paint his Face so that pigs don't see him coming. He used whatever he can find to change the color of his face and ended up with a red and black face.

  • 5 Piggy suggested they make a sundial

    Piggy , who was concerned about rescue, suggested they make a sundial but he wasn't taken seriously. The boys have came to believe that Piggy is an outsider because of the fact that he is fat and that he has asthma.

  • 6 A ship passed by didn't see the boys

    The boys noticed that the smoke almost ran out. During that time a ship passed but it didn't manage to notice them because there was no smoke. The boys ran to the fire but found that it ran out.

  • 7 Jack and his choir got a pig

    Jack and his choir managed to hunt a pig. When they got back with it they found Ralph very angry because the fire went out.

  • 8 One side of Piggy's specs was broken

    As Jack and Ralph argued about the fire Jack became aggressive and punched Piggy. Piggy fell and one side of his glasses was broken.

  • 9 Jack didn't want Piggy to eat meat

    Jack didn't want piggy to eat meat. He told him he can't have a piece if he didn't hunt but Simon gave him his piece.

  • 10 Ralph called for a meeting

    Ralph called for another meeting. He wasn't feeling good because of the ship they missed. See summary of chapter 5 - beast from water.