Summary of Lord of the Flies Chapter 1 - The Sound of the Shell

    Summary of Lord of the Flies Chapter 1 - The Sound of the Shell

  • 1 Young kids were lost on an Island

    After a Plane Crash some young kids found themselves lost on an Island with no grown ups. Ralph was a young boy who didn't seem to care much about what happened. Piggy , a nickname, was a fat boy who had asthma and who was much less adventures and outgoing than Ralph.

  • 2 The boys used a Shell to summon others

    Both Ralph and Piggy found a Shell. Piggy Suggested they can use it to reach the other survivors. After several attempts Ralph managed to blow Air correctly in the shell and it made very loud noise.

  • 3 More boys showed up

    As Ralph kept blowing the shell many boys started coming out of the forest including a boy called johnny and a twin called Sam and Eric. Among the boys who showed up was a group dressed in black cloaks and were strictly following the orders of one of them.

  • 4 Ralph was chosen as chief

    The boys decided to have a meeting to find out how will they survive. Jack , who was leading the Choir, wanted to become the leader. They voted on the leader and they chose Ralph to be the chief. 

  • 5 Three boys to went explore the area

    The boys wanted to know whether they are on an Island or something else. Jack, Ralph and Simon went. Ralph refused to take piggy with them and asked him to remain and take names instead.

  • 6 The boys saw a track that seemed made man

    The boys saw a track that looks like it was man made. They guessed that animals made it.

  • 7 The boys made sure it's an island

    The three boys climbed a mountain and realized that they are on an Island as they saw water surrounding the land from every direction.

  • 8 Jack failed to hunt a pig

    Jack saw a pig stuck in the creepers. Jack got out his knife but the pig ran away as he hesitated a lot while holding the knife. See Summary of Chapter 2 - Fire on the mountain.