Sinister (2012) movie explained

  • 1 Oswalt bought a new house

    Ellison Oswalt bought a new house where a crime happened. He didn't tell his wife about it because he knew she would be against it.

  • 2 A child disappeared in the house

    A child from the former family that was murdered in the house disappeared. The body was not found.

  • 3 Oswalt wanted to write a book

    The reason behind Oswalt buying the house is his desire to write a book about a crime. When his wife confronted him, he told her that writing about an actual crime is the only thing that made him successful.

  • 4 The police didn't like him

    The sheriff didn't like him because he wrote a book where he said that the police weren't doing their job. However, the deputy liked him because he is a famous author.

  • 5 Oswalt found recordings in the attic

    Oswalt found recordings of the four crimes in the attic. The crimes were connected to one another where the cameraman was the murderer.

  • 6 Oswalt found a sign in the tapes

    Oswalt found a strange sign in all of the tapes. He consulted one professor who told him that it was an ancient ritual sign.

  • 7 The sign belonged to the Bughuul

    The sign belonged to an ancient entity called the Baghuul who has been known for thousands of years in different cultures. He was known at that time as Mr. Boogie.

  • 8 Bughuul helped children kill their families

    Bughuul was the reason that forced children to mass-murder their families using different methods. The child who commits the murder is the one who stays with the Bughuul.

  • 9 Bughuul targets children through media forms

    Bughuul appears to the children through media forms. His favorite one as shown in the movie was the Super 8 film. He appears to the child until he lures them into his trap.

  • 10 Bughuul targeted Ashley

    The movie showed Trevor going through a trauma; however, it was Ashley that the Bughuul was after.

  • 11 Bughuul goes after the family, not the place

    There was a lot of indication that the house was haunted by the Bughuul; however, he infested the family as soon as Oswalt watched his films. When they moved into their old house, he was still with them.

  • 12 The Deputy helped Oswalt

    The Deputy helped Oswalt by providing information on the other three crimes that happened in the films. He was the reason that Oswalt discovered that the Bughuul infests the family and not the house.

  • 13 Ashley drugged the family

    Ashley used the drug that the Bughuul gave her to drug her whole family and put them to sleep so she could record it as she murdered them with an axe.

  • 14 Bughuul took Ashley

    The Bughuul took Ashley afterwards to be one of the dead children to appear in his films.