Shadow of Mordor story explained

    Shadow of Mordor story explained

  • 1 Celebrimbor was tricked to forge the rings of power

    Celebrimbor, the Elf ruler, was tricked by Sauron who disguised himself as Annatar (the Lord of Gifts) to forge the rings of power. 

  • 2 The three rings were hidden

    The 3 rings were hidden by Celebrimbor.

  • 3 Celebrimbor lost the one ring

    Celebrimbor assisted Sauron in forging the one ring but he later managed to steal it. Celebrimbor raised an army of orcs against Sauron but the ring betrayed him and returned back to Sauron.

  • 4 Celebrimbor & his family were killed

    Sauron managed to get the last ring as well then he killed Celebrimbor along with his family. Celebrimbor was killed with his own smithing hammer.

  • 5 Celebrimbor was banished from death

    Celebrimbor was banished from death and became a wondering soul looking for a body to haunt.

  • 6 Talion and his family were killed

    Years later Talion ,a ranger who served at the black gate, was killed along with his family by Sauron's forces. The black hand who killed Talion attempted to summon the wrath of Celebrimbor.

  • 7 Celebrimbor haunted Talion

    Celebrimbor became one with Talion and lost his memory. Talion realized he is unable to die as he shared his body with Celebrimbor.

  • 8 Celebrimbor progressively recalled his memory

    Both Celebrimbor and Talion searched for the Relics that can help Celebrimbor recall his memories. With every relic Celebrimbor remembered a part of his memories.

  • 9 Sauron wanted to return to physical form

    Sauron wanted to get the soul of Celebrimbor in order to be able to take a physical form which is the body of the black hand. He needed Celebrimbor's soul for that to work.

  • 10 Sauron took Celebrimbor's soul

    Sauron cast a spell on Talion and as a result acquired the soul of Celebrimbor. Talion now became a separate entity as Celebrimbor left his body.

  • 11 Celebrimbor managed to stop Sauron

    Celebrimbor's soul managed to stop Sauron, or the physical body of the black hand, and so Talion was able to kill him.

  • 12 Talion decided not to die

    Talion decided not to die and instead he said that he will forge a new ring of power. See also why shadow of Mordor is rated M.