It (2017) movie explained

  • 1 It is a Supernatural entity

    It is a supernatural entity that sleeps for 27-30 years and awakens to wreak terror in the city and feed, preferably on children.

  • 2 It has appeared several times before

    It has appeared in Derry several times before. Each time it appeared, it fed off children. Ben discovered that the town has been plagued by child disappearances for centuries.

  • 3 It killed Georgie

    It killed Georgie, Bill's brother, by luring him when he lost his floating paper boat. 

  • 4 Bill thought Georgie might be alive

    Bill thought that Georgie might still be alive. He kept constructing the sewer tunnels.

  • 5 It moves through the sewers

    It moves through the sewer tunnels and that's how It moves from one place t the other.

  • 6 It presents itself to the children

    It presents itself to the children who call themselves the Losers Club. They do not realize that until later one and connecting the dots, they realize that the same entity is the one chasing them.

  • 7 The children ran into him

    The children ran into him in the sewers where they were escaping the bully gang. One of the bullies, Patrick Hockstetter, is killed by Pennywise.

  • 8 The kids realize he uses the sewers

    The kids realize that Pennywise uses the sewers which leads them to an abandoned house. In the abandoned house, they encounter him and Eddie breaks his arm at the final encounter. Beverly is the one who manages to get Pennywise away by impaling his head.

  • 9 The group Falls apart

    The group of friends break up after they have a fight because Beverly and Bill want to go back and fight off the creature again while the others want to survive.

  • 10 Beverly gets abducted

    Beverly gets abducted and the group reassembles and heads back to the house.

  • 11 Henry Bowers is driven mad

    Henry Bowers is driven mad by It and kills his father. He goes to the house to chase the kids but they fight him off and Mike pushes him into the well to his apparent death.

  • 12 They find Pennywise

    The group finds Pennywise who is first disguised as Georgie, but Bill realizes that it's It. The group fights him off and when he retreats, he offers to leave them alone if they let him have Bill but they don't.

  • 13 They defeat It

    The group defeats It by facing their fears. It descends down, apparently defeated. However, the group make a blood-oath to return if the clown ever appears again.