Is Alexa rank accurate?

    Is Alexa rank accurate?

  • 1 No

    Alexa Ranking isn't accurate. Some sites can have much higher traffic than other sites, yet have a lower Alexa rank. The algorithm can't really determine the number of visitors a site gets and that's why it makes great mistakes.

  • 2 Is it important?

    Alexa ranking is very important. While it's not that accurate, it can give an average estimation of a site's popularity. For example, a site that ranks at number 1,000 is certainly more popular than a site that ranks at number 30,000.

  • 3 It's not good in tight comparisons

    If a site is number 60,000 on Alexa and another site is number 65,000, you can't really assume that the first one is more popular than the second one. In fact, the second could be getting a lot more traffic. Don't use Alexa to compare sites with close ranks.

  • 4 Alexa uses a sample not the full number determines a site's rank based on a sample of the internet users. Alexa can't see all of your site's visitors, it just views a sample that accesses your site using their toolbar. The sample might sometimes be accurate, but at other times it's not.

  • 5 Regional differences

    If your site gets a lot of visitors from a country where the Alexa toolbar is popular, it might rank higher than a site that has more visitors coming from users who don't use the Alexa toolbar. A less popular site might appear more popular as a result.

  • 6 Ranking gets more accurate with popularity

    As a site becomes more popular, the ranking becomes more accurate. For example, you can safely assume that Wikipedia's traffic rank is the one that Alexa claims.

  • 7 It's calculated based on the last 3 months

    Alexa Ranking is calculated based on the last months. If your site's traffic greatly improved all of a sudden then you will have to wait up to 3 months to know the final commutative rank of your new traffic.

  • 8 It changes every day

    Alexa ranking changes every day. Yes, it's based on the past 3 months, but each day these 3 months are shifted forward one day and the calculations are remade.

  • 9 Very useful

    Alexa ranking system is very useful because it can tell you the relative popularity of a site in seconds. If a site is number 2,000,000, for example, you can certainly conclude that it's fairly new or that it has very low traffic.