How to remove negative posts from Facebook News feed

    How to remove negative posts from Facebook News feed

  • 1 Determine what you consider negative

    A negative post is any unrelated post. For each person this can be different. A negative post might be a political post, a too serious post or even a positive life quote. The first step to remove negativity is to understand what is negativity according to your own preferences.

  • 2 Unfollow all pages and sites doing that

    Facebook created an option that allows you to unfollow a certain source and never see anything from it again. Scroll down your News Feed and click unfollow on each type of post that you don't like. Next, choose the option to never see anything from that source again. 

  • 3 Follow pages matching your interests

    Let's suppose that you want to see posts about games or funny jokes. In such a case, use Facebook search to locate as many as those pages then follow them one by one. See also why Facebook became so negative.

  • 4 Put the things you like first

    Facebook has an option that can allow you to prioritize posts according to sources. Go to options > News Feed preferences > prioritize who to see first. Select all of the new interesting pages you just liked, in addition to the people who make interesting posts.

  • 5 Unfollow negative people

    All people post negative posts sometimes, but if someone is consistently posting annoying posts then you can unfollow them while keeping them on your Facebook. From News Feed preferences choose unfollow people to hide their posts.

  • 6 Use Facebook page discovery tool

    Go to options > News Feed preferences > Discover pages that match your interests then choose all the pages you are interested in. Next, go back to prioritize who you see first and select those pages as well.

  • 7 The process will take a few days

    To complete this process you will have to keep re-visiting the News Feed and unfollowing negative sources. After you are done, your News feed will be much cleaner. See why Facebook is so addictive.

  • 8 Optional - unfolllow all news sites

    For many people news sites are considered a serious source of negativity. If you are one of those people then make sure you unfollow all of those pages and sites.