How to learn anything faster

    How to learn anything faster

  • 1 Walk your mind through it first

    You increase your chances of achieving or learning anything when your mind seeks it. Walk your mind through the whole process of actions, this will help you identify future obstacles and make it easier to take them down.

  • 2 Put yourself in situations where you have to upgrade your skills

    The same as studying the night before an important exam. Design situations where you're forced to take action and learn something new. They will bring the best out of you and get you leaps away from where you are right now.

  • 3 Sink deep

    Read, watch and listen to all available information about the topic or skill you want to learn. It will help you live your new skill until it's deeply rooted into your own behaviour.

  • 4 Listen to those who already have it

    Don't waste your time trying to invent the wheel. Find someone who has what you want or can do what you can't and duplicate his or her actions and mindset. This is the shortest way to reach a goal.