How to defeat the Ruin Sentinels - Dark Souls II

  • 1 Ruin Sentinels properties

    There are three Ruin Sentinels. The first one you meet on a platform alone then if you fall down or if you stay where you are; once you defeat the first, the second two spawn. They use spears and shields. However, their attacks are much weaker than the other bosses.

  • 2 Ruin Sentinel attacks

    The Ruin Sentinel has six attacks: The Overhead Smash, the Thrust and Swing, the Swing and Smash, the Spin Attack, Shield Throw, another Jump and Lunge attack and a Jumping Attack. The deadliest of them is the Spin Attack, as it is difficult to dodge and takes a lot of stamina while blocking.

  • 3 Requirements

    You should be level 45 (minimum 35) with at least 4 Estus flasks, a good weapon and a kite or a tower shield.

  • 4 Find the location of the boss

    There are two ways to get to the Lost Bastille; taking the ship from No-man's Wharf or being carried by the Eagle after the Pursuer's boss fight. Once you are there, make your way through to McDuff, the blacksmith where you will light a bonfire.

  • 5 Find the boss

    Leave McDuff behind and head up from the bonfire, kill the two stray dogs; avoid the explosive barrel and defeat the giant; the other giant straight up and head up the few steps. You will find a stone on the side that you can climb up where you'll face two knights.

  • 6 Find the boss

    Once you defeat the two knights, you'll find a door blocked by a statue. Use the Fragrant Brand of Yore to release it, kill it and open the door. You will find around a dozen of knights in there. Lure them to the corridor where you can kill them one by one then head to the fog.

  • 7 NPCs in the area

    There are two NPCs that can help you: Pilgrim Bellclaire and Felicia the Brave. However, if you use their help, the fight will be harder.

  • 8 Hints

    Before you go through the fog, make sure that you only have one weapon equipped in your right hand and a strong kite or tower shield in your left hand. You can use other weapons like bombs and throwing knives.

  • 9 The first half

    The first Ruin Sentinel is on the platform you fall onto. Beware that he will attack you once you fall onto the platform. Just block the attack and move out of the way. He will use one of the weaker attacks. However, make sure to block whenever he attacks because he has a long reach.

  • 10 Defeat the first Sentinel

    You can easily defeat the first Sentinel with a one-two attack on the back as he finishes his two hit attack. Make sure you move back and take as little damage as possible. Try not to fall down either. Keep that for later. Once you kill him, you'll notice two Sentinels spawning downstairs.

  • 11 The Two Sentinels

    Defeating the two Sentinels can be tricky. It takes a lot of skill to defeat them alone. However, if you had used the NPCs, they will help greatly in distracting the Sentinels. The Sentinels will use every attack on you. Make sure you are far from them and wait for the jumping attacks.

  • 12 How to avoid their attack

    The two sentinels will attack ruthlessly unless you distance yourself from them. That way, with your shield blocking, you will be able to block the jumping attack and attack once before retreating. Avoid the spinning attack as much as possible because it will drain your stamina if successful.

  • 13 Best strategy

    Your best strategy whether alone or with the NPCs is to stay away, lock-on one sentinel and wait for him to jump attack then attack him once and retreat. Repeat that a number of times until you kill one Sentinel and you will have the last one as the easy kill. Defeat him by blocking and countering.

  • 14 Boss Drop

    After defeating the Ruin Sentinels, you'll receive 33,000 souls and the Ruin Sentinel Soul.