How to beat the Abyss Watchers - Dark Souls III

  • 1 Extinguish the flames


    Before you get to the boss of the Abyss Watchers, extinguish the flames at the Keep Ruins in the Road of Sacrifices. There are three of them located in the hills of the ruins.

  • 2 Go back to the Keep Ruins


    Go back to the Bonfire of the Keep Ruins where you will find two bridges, one with three Darkwraiths which you should avoid and another that leads to the gate that is now opened.

  • 3 Head through the gates


    Head through the gates and defeat the wraiths and satyrs on the way until you come across the gates.

  • 4 Light the bonfire


    You will find a bonfire if you head to the bridge which should look familiar. On one side of the bridge, you will come across an ice monster which protects one of the doors you couldn't open before. You will find an item there.

  • 5 Head to the other side of the ruins


    Head to the other side after you unlock the door and you will find yourself in another road full of wraiths and satyrs. Defeat them or escape them quickly to open the gate. It is recommended to defeat them first and keep your health and Estus Flasks intact.

  • 6 Use an Ember


    Use an Ember before going through the gate because you will face a very fast boss in there.

  • 7 Be ready to dodge


    Upon ending the cut-scene, the Farron Knight will dash towards you. Be ready to evade him as quickly as possible because he will certainly attack hard. Dodge twice and attack once before dodging again.

  • 8 Focus your attack


    If you delay your attack, you will find another Farron Knight heading your way. If you dodge and block long enough, a third one should show up and the three should engage in a battle.

  • 9 Stand by until they kill each other


    Stand by if the three knights begin to attack each other. Only two will come out and you will need to defeat them with their low health. The best thing to do at that stage is to stay as far away from the action as possible and refill your health.

  • 10 Attack the boss-knight

    If you defeat the boss-knight, you will not need to engage in any more action. However, this is only the first phase of the battle.

  • 11 Prepare for the second phase

    The best way to prepare for the second phase is to dash back because you will find yourself in another cut-scene shortly after. Standby and refill your health. Don't hold on the block button. Blocking is not necessary in this battle if you are not too heavily loaded.

  • 12 Dodge the flaming attacks


    The best way to dodge the flaming attacks is to dash backwards then to the left side. If you do otherwise, the flames might be able to get to you. Don't wait long.

  • 13 Attack two or three times

    Depending on the type of weapon you have, you should be able to attack two or three times before dashing backwards again. Make sure you don't run out of stamina because you won't have long to recover.

  • 14 Finish the fight

    Finish the fight as quickly as possible. Dodge and attack until the boss dies. This is the first of the Lords of Cinder. Upon defeating him, you'll be able to progress further through the story.

  • 15 Fight recommendations

    Use a heavy weapon for this fight with no shield as long as you're be able to dodge fast. There will be no time for rolling slowly because you'll definitely get caught. Keep an ember and 5 Estus flasks in your quick access menu.

  • 16 Boss Drops


    The boss will drop 13,500 souls and Souls of the Blood of a Wolf, Cinders of a Lord.