How to beat Oceiros, the Consumed King - Dark Souls III

  • 1 Get to the fog gate

    You will find the fog gate in the Consumed King's Garden where you will watch a cut-scene.

  • 2 The fight is required for one ending

    This fight is one of the required fights to get one of the endings of the game.

  • 3 Stand underneath him

    Go straight and stand underneath the Consumed King to avoid his attacks. However, you should take a calculated approach to this fight.

  • 4 Counter attack

    Use counter attacks with Oceiros while you stay underneath him. Evade his attack and head back and attack him.

  • 5 Use frost or lightning

    Use frost or lightning to elevate your attack damage with Oceiros.

  • 6 Leap back when he jumps up

    Leap back when he jumps up because his stomp will take away a lot of your health. This is usually followed by a swing or a tail sweep. Evade and attack him repeatedly afterwards.

  • 7 Avoid his rapid attacks in the second phase

    In the second phase, Oceiros will have more rapid attacks that can kill you if you don't pay attention. Try to stay underneath or behind him to avoid those attacks and know when to leap back, especially in his magic attacks. 

  • 8 Boss drops

    Oceiros will drop 58,000 souls and Soul of Consumed Oceiros.