How Google Panda works

    How Google Panda works

  • 1 The algorithm determines low quality pages

    Google crawls the whole site then the algorithm determines low quality pages. The number of low quality pages on a site affects the ranking of all pages of a site. Good pages rank lower just because the site has some low quality pages.

  • 2 What are low quality pages

    The factors that determine whether a page is a high or low quality are highly debatable, however, google has revealed some of those factors in its webmaster central blog. See the reference link below for more information.

  • 3 It's a site wide penalty

    Google has confirmed that panda is a site wide penalty. Google marks the whole website as a site containing low quality content.

  • 4 A small percentage of low quality pages can have a dramatic impact

    A site with 10% low quality pages is very likely to suffer severely in ranking even if 90% of the pages are of high quality. Panda is not a fair algorithm, it punishes many good pages when it finds a few bad ones.

  • 5 Updated frequently

    Every now and then Google adds new signals to its Panda algorithm. Sometimes those changes are announced, sometimes they are not, and usually those changes impact traffic instantly.

  • 6 How to know if you are hit by Panda

    Check Google analytic for your daily traffic. Go to the acquisition and find the traffic coming from Google on that day. Compare the traffic on that day to similar days in the past. If there is a great shift then search latest news for a panda update.

  • 7 It takes time for a panda penalty to be removed

    Even though Google has mentioned that Panda is now being refreshed all the time, still most webmasters have noticed that the improvements they make to their websites can take weeks and sometimes even months before Google notices them and lifts the penalty.

  • 8 Panda takes into consideration certain pages

    Pages that are disabled by robots.txt, pages that have the no index tag or pages that have no follow link pointed to them are ignored by Google Panda. If you use any of these methods on a page, Giogle will not consider it when calculating the Panda penalty (See blocking pages from Google).

  • 9 Sudden change in traffic

    While Google says that each new panda update rolls over a certain period of time, most webmasters note a significant change within 24 hours. Usually 90% of the effect happens on the first day of the release of the new panda update.

  • 10 Panda's accuracy

    The Panda algorithm has the intention of lowering the rank of sites that have low quality pages. However, some sites that have only high quality pages can be affected by mistake. It's not uncommon for a good site to be affected by Panda even though it doesn't have bad pages.