How Prince the singer died

    How Prince the singer died

  • 1 Opioid overdose

    According to the autopsy report, Prince died of an overdose of Fentanyl which is a synthetic opioid pain medication with a rapid onset and short duration of action. The drug was self-administered.

  • 2 Heavy use of drugs

    According to the dealer Prince used to get drugs from, the latter would spend up to $40,000 on 6 months drug supplies of Dilaudid pills and Fentanyl patches. 

  • 3 No prescriptions were found

    Investigators didn't find prescriptions for the drug Prince had taken and thus it's believed that the drug was self-administered.

  • 4 Prince was using drugs to handle stage freight

    Prince was using drugs to handle stage fright. It was revealed that the singer had an addiction to Percocet decades before he died.

  • 5 Prince was in bad health

    Before the incident, Prince was in bad health and had to postpone some of his performances. On April 15th, he became unresponsive while flying to Minneapolis and his private jet had to make an emergency landing to save him.

  • 6 There were no signs of suicide

    According to the report, there were no signs of suicide or foul play. His death at the age of 57 is now believed to be accidental. See also why people use addictive drugs.

  • 7 Prince was found unresponsive

    Andrew Kornfeld called 911 right after finding Prince unresponsive at his Minnesota home. When the doctors arrived, they realized he had been dead 6 hours earlier.

  • 8 Prince was found dead in an elevator

    Prince was found unresponsive in an elevator at Paisley Park.