Game of Thrones Summary : Episode 7 - Season 1 - You Win or Die

    Game of Thrones Summary : Episode 7 - Season 1 - You Win or Die

  • 1 Lord Tywin Lannister prepares an army

    Lord Tywin Lannister prepared an army to attack the starks. He told Jaime , his son, that Catelyn must be stopped.

  • 2 Eddard tells Cersei to run

    Eddard faced Cersei with the fact that bran saw her and her brother. He told her that king Robbert will know soon and that she must run away. Cersei said she cheated on Robert because he loved Eddard's sister , who was dead, more than her.

  • 3 The wildling woman speaks of white walkers

    The wildling woman , who was held captive after trying to hurt Bran, spoke about white walkers to Maester Luwin.

  • 4 Benjen's horse returns to the wall without him

    Jon Snow notices a horse coming then he realizes its without a man. When the horse comes close he releases it's benjen's horse.

  • 5 King Robert is mauled by a boar

    King Robert knows he is going to die. He asks Eddard to write down a letter naming him as the lord protector of the Realm until Jeffrey reaches the right age. Eddard does;t add the last part and instead writes the rightful heir.

  • 6 King Robert decides to spare Daenerys

    King Robert told Eddard Stark that Daenerys should be spared. Eddard tells Lord Varys to cancel the plans but the later replies saying it's too late. Lord Varys says that Lancel Lannister was the one who ensured the King was wined through the hunt.

  • 7 Daenerys tries to convince Khal Drogo to cross the sea

    Daenerys tries to convince Khal Drogo to cross the sea but he doesn't agree.

  • 8 Daenerys survives a poisoning attempt

    Jorah Mormont received a letter saying that he was pardoned of his crimes, he understood that he is no longer needed as a spy. Daenerys was offered wine by a man who sells it. Jorah Mormont asked him to drink it first so the man ran away then got caught by one of the Dothraki.

  • 9 Jon Snow was sent to Stewards not Rangers

    Lord Commander Jeor Mormont names the trainees as men of the Night's Watch. Jon Snow discovered he was sent to Stewards not Rangers and got pissed off. 

  • 10 Eddard refuses Renly's offer to capture Cersei and Joffrey

    Renly suggested to Eddard that he captures Cersei and Joffrey before it's too late but Eddard refused.

  • 11 Stannis is the right heir to Robert

    Eddard sent a message to Stannis , Robert's brother, as he is the right heir of the throne. Little finger suggests to Eddard that rules and gets rid of Stannis. Eddard refuses.

  • 12 Jon Snow's dog finds a human hand

    Right after saying the oath Jon Snow's dog returned back with a human hand.

  • 13 Khal Drogo vows to conquer the 7 kingdoms

    Khal drogo vowed to conquer the 7 kingdoms to punish the men in the iron suits for what they wanted to do to his unborn son and wife.

  • 14 Little finger betrays Eddard

    Eddard handed Cersei and her son , who was named King, king Rober's orders of making him protector of the realm. Cersei torn the paper down and then asked the guards to seize Eddard. Little finger betrayed Eddard and turned the guards against him, See summary of Episode 8.