Fight Club movie (1999) explained

    Fight Club movie (1999) explained

  • 1 Edward Notron's character didn't have a name

    By not giving Edward Norton a name, his character becomes a mystery to make us all wonder who he really is. This allowed the audience to engage with his thoughts.   

  • 2 The people who joined the fight club were miserable

    The men who joined the fight club were people who hated their lives and jobs. They didn't have time to grow as individuals and they felt irrelevant.

  • 3 Marla made Jack uncomfortable

    'Jack' in the beginning of the film was repulsed by Marla because she reminded him of himself when he started attending support groups pretending to be sick with terrible diseases. He used to use fake names in each group and Marla did the same thing. 

  • 4 Jack and Tyler had father issues

    Jack and Tyler bond over the fact that both of them lacked a masculine figure in their lives because their fathers left them when they were young and left their mothers to raise them. They both create fight club and Tyler acts as a father to all the men who join it.

  • 5 The movie expresses frustration of capitalism

    Fight Club is not just a movie about anarchism. It is actually an expression of human frustration of American capitalism. The writer thinks that capitalism make people think that they can purchase their identity. 

  • 6 Fight club affirmed Norton's Existance

    Tyler Durden created te fight club because he wanted people to reaffirm their humanity by experiencing pain. When Tyler Durden put lye on Norton's hand, he wanted him to feel the pain and accept it. 

  • 7 Edward Norton felt empty

    Edward Norton worshiped his comfort, especially his condo.This made him feel empty as he described, 'He has a house full of condiments and no food'. 

  • 8 Project mayhem aimed to destroy comfort

    The fight club was a relief to many messed up and confused people. Tyler decided to start project mayhem, which aimed to destroy all capitalist symbols like coffee shops, banks...etc.  

  • 9 Tyler Durden's character was different than the narrator's

    Norton picked Durden's character because it was absolutely different than his own character. Durden is good with girls, he's good-looking and charismatic, which is what Norton wanted to be.

  • 10 Norton seeks masculinity

    Edward Norton's character seeks a masculine personality from the beginning of the film. He expresses his rage through the group therapies and the fight club fights.

  • 11 Norton's delusional character was what he wanted to be

    Tyler Durden was the person that Norton wanted to be all along. He wanted to be a person that fears nothing and is not driven by what he purchases.

  • 12 Tyler was freer than the narrator

    The one who started project Mayhem, which was larger than the fight club, was Tyler Durden. He uses it to finally destroy all capitalist symbols.