Facts Summary: Facebook and Instagram banned tsu.co

    Facts Summary: Facebook and Instagram banned tsu.co

  • 1 Facebook blocked Tsu.co

    Facebook blocked any links to Tsu.co on its every platform, including Messenger and Instagram. WhatsApp is currently (November 2015) not affected by this. See also why Facebook forced people to use the messenger app.

  • 2 Facebook deleted all posts mentioning tsu.co

    Facebook deleted more than 1 million Facebook posts, pictures, videos and comments that mentioned Tsu.co

  • 3 Facebook claims they were spamming

    Facebook claims Tsu links are spam that are annoying the community.

  • 4 Tsu claims Facebook is trying to kill off the competition

    Sebastian Sobczak, founder of Tsu said: 'We're persona non grata. You can type in all sorts of seedy websites, and you can get to them. But not us. We don't exist.' Tsu claims Facebook is trying to kill off the competition. See also why do people hate change.

  • 5 Tsu retains 10% of ad profit and gives the rest to its users

    Tsu keeps 10% of ad profit, the user keeps 45% and the chain of friends that invited him/her to Tsu split the rest. Facebook, on the other hand, keeps 100% of the ad profit.

  • 6 Facebook claims too many tsu.co links started appearing fast

    Facebook claims tsu.co users started sharing too much links and friend requests to its users. This made them flag tsu.co as spam although tsu.co didn't pay its users to share links; they did it on their own.

  • 7 Tsu.co was banned on September 25th, 2015

    On September 25th, 2015, Facebook banned Tsu.co entirely. No messages containing links to tsu.co can be created since then.

  • 8 Tsu.co had around 2,500 daily visits from Facebook

    Tsu.co had received around 2,500 organic visits each day from Facebook. After the ban, that number dropped to 0.

  • 9 Facebook will unblock Tsu.co under one condition

    Facebook says it will unblock tsu.co if they make it so that their users post simultaneously to Facebook and Tsu.co.

  • 10 'We do not allow developers to incentivize content sharing'

    Melanie Ensign, a Facebook spokesperson, said 'We do not allow developers to incentivize content sharing on our platform because it encourages spammy sharing.'

  • 11 Tsu.co users think the ban is unfair

    Many Tsu users, who are mostly photographers, models and other artists, feel this Facebook ban is unfair.

  • 12 Facebook deleted legitimate content

    Facebook even deleted legitimate content containing tsu.co links, such as charity work. For example, Claudia Everest, a 47-year-old cancer survivor, lost 7,500 Facebook posts of charity dog drawings. See also: why you should donate to charity.


  • 13 Some believe Facebook is afraid of the competition

    Some believe the extreme banning and deletion of all content coming from a competing social network shows that Facebook is afraid of tsu's business model.Facebook claimed their content was spam, but the fact that they offered to lift the ban if tsu.co advertises them debunks this claim .