Examples of how a sense of progress motivates people

    Examples of how a sense of progress motivates people

  • 1 Bigger pay is a motivation

    Many people are motivated to advance in their careers by the fact that they will receive a bigger pay. (See the skills you need for a better career)

  • 2 Measurable sport results motivate athletes

    Most athletes are motivated by the fact that their sport results are measurable and can be improved. Breaking a world record is the ultimate motivation for most professional athletes.

  • 3 Achievements motivate gamers

    Most of today's games feature 'achievements' which players can unlock. Some are easy to unlock and some are hard, but they provide a good sense of progress.

  • 4 Reading a text list motivates readers

    Texts written as lists have greater chances of being read than the same text written in prose. This is because lists are a-simpler-to-understand structured format, providing the reader with a sense of progress while going through it. (See web design guidelines for content writing)

  • 5 Physical rewards motivate almost everybody

    Handing out physical rewards motivates almost everybody. These rewards could also be virtual items such as those found in games.

  • 6 To-do list motivates almost everybody

    Writing down tasks in a single to-do list motivates people. They can easily go on and cross things off as they complete them. The to-do list in this case serves a similar purpose as the progress bar.

  • 7 'Information scent' motivates the reader

    A reader that visits a website navigates it using 'information scent' - a personal sense whether they are on the right track to find their info or not. (See Information foraging theory to find more about information scent)

  • 8 Replying to emails motivates almost everybody

    Almost all people feel like they made some progress after replying to an e-mail.

  • 9 Good deeds motivates almost everybody

    Some people feel they are growing and progressing forward if they do a good deed.

  • 10 Iterating gives a sense of progress to developers

    Programmers and designers use iteration to test and improve their products. Iteration can be done among themselves or with test users.

  • 11 Schools use classes to motivate students

    Schools use different classes to motivate students, often labeling them with increasing numbers. Finishing a class is the most important yearly goal, which makes students feel like they achieved something big and important.

  • 12 Games motivate players with new levels

    Many games feature increasingly tougher or different levels as the player advances. Each new level gives them a sense of progress and pushes them closer to the game's end. (See why novel and bizarre things catch our attention )

  • 13 New job titles motivate workers

    Many workers advance in their careers not only because of better pay but also because of a better job title. For example, somebody might work very hard to become a director. The new title makes him feel good about himself.

  • 14 Projects have milestones to motivate workers

    Many projects have milestones that are reached one after the other. These are big goals, such as 'alpha', 'beta', and 'go live' versions in case of software or online projects. When a team reaches a milestone it is motivated to go on to pursue the next one.

  • 15 Celebrating success, holidays and birthdays motivates people

    One of the reasons people celebrate private or career success, holidays or birthdays is that it keeps them motivated to reach the next one.  

  • 16 Progress bar motivates visually

    Designers can visually motivate people to continue pursuing their goal by introducing elements such as the 'progress bar' that increases little by little until the goal is reached.

  • 17 Measuring weight loss/gain motivates people

    Most people keep track of their weight loss/gain, which motivates them to reach their desired body weight. Keeping track of it can be done with a measuring meter or with weight scales.

  • 18 Taking photos motivates people in the gym

    Some athletes, such as bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts, like to take photos of themselves over a long time-span to get a sense of their progress in achieving the body form they desire.

  • 19 Games motivate by giving resources over time

    Some games give resources to players over time, even when they are not playing the game. Such a technique motivates players to return to the game and continue playing.