Does every product or service need a social network page?

    Does every product or service need a social network page?

  • 1 Going through the checklist below will give the answer

    Because every service and product doesn't need a page on every major social network, a checklist has been created below. The list will give the answer to the question which social network to choose from and where to focus most of the efforts.

  • 2 The resource constraints: time and budget

    When opening a social network for a product or service, the resources such as time and money must be considered. Is there enough budget and time to handle more than one social network page? If not, the social network plan should undergo a revision.

  • 3 Strengths and weaknesses of social networks

    Each social network has its strengths and weaknesses. Before opening a page on them, they must be accounted for and identified how will they affect the product or service..

  • 4 Advertising scope and reach

    The ways to reach the desired audience must be determined beforehand. If the social network makes it difficult to reach desired audience a better one should be selected instead. For example, targeting Russian users on Facebook is not as effective as targeting them on VK.

  • 5 Keeping up with an expected pace

    Before selecting a social network, the number of optimal daily posts should be identified in order to make sure that number will be adhered to. If users expect 2 posts per day, it must be known if that is going to be realized or not with the current resources.

  • 6 Measuring results is very important

    A social network should provide a way to determine the reach and effectiveness of posts published on it. If one doesn't exist a very accurate measuring method should be created and employed.

  • 7 Staying motivated through understanding

    Creating fresh, creative content for purposes of marketing can be challenging for most people. In order to keep them motivated to work on it, they must understand the ultimate goal their content will achieve by understanding how the customer's mind functions.

  • 8 Understanding how details make the difference

    Writing content in prose or formatted as a list has a different effect on the reader. Knowing details such as this will make a world of difference on the end results. See also which market details make the difference.

  • 9 Copied or unique content?

    Not all types and formats of content are suitable for every social network. Decide at the beginning if the posts are going to be copied across different social networks or written uniquely for each one. Inappropriate content might resonate badly with some users of social networks.