Study Summary: Can a vegetarian diet extend life by 10 years?

    Study Summary: Can a vegetarian diet extend life by 10 years?

  • 1 Yes, a study confirmed it

    A medical study called 'Ten Years of Life. Is It a Matter of Choice?' was done in 2001. Its objective was to test the hypothesis that choices regarding diet, exercise, and smoking influence life expectancy.

  • 2 How many people participated?


    The study was conducted on 34,192 people who were at least 30 years old. 27.5% of men and 30.9% of women were vegetarians; 19.3% of men and 22.9% of women were semivegetarians (They eat meat less than once a week) and 53.2% of men and 46.2% of women were non-vegetarians (see Why do people choose to be vegetarians).

  • 3 Other factors also influenced life expectancy

    Diet, exercise, body mass index, past smoking habits and hormone replacement therapy (in women) also influenced life expectancy.

  • 4 Excercise increases life expectancy

    It was also found that regular physical exercise extends life expectancy. To live longer, try to do more outdoor activities and exercise regularly.

  • 5 Obesity reduces life expectancy

    People who are not obese and maintain their body weight within optimal numbers have a longer life expectancy. The fastest way to gain weight is to combine fatty and sweet food (such as cakes) so try to avoid anything that can be labeled as junk food (empty calories such as pure sugar or plant oil)Study: Obesity connected with breast cancer .

  • 6 Genes are influenced by lifestyle choices

    Our genes can be turned on or off by our lifestyle choices and diet. You can always turn your life around if you become aware of this fact - it's never too late to start over.

  • 7 Don't eat too much meat

    Carnivores excrete meat from their bodies in 24 hours. Most humans do it in 48 hours. That means if we eat too much meat, our bodies might not be able to digest it properly. If you have to eat meat then reduce the amount or eat it every other day.

  • 8 Vegetarians have a better quality of life

    10 extra years don't mean much if you have a bad quality of life, but vegetarians score much higher in terms of quality of life. Don't just look at it as an extra 10 years of life, but an extra 10 years of a good quality life.

  • 9 Hormone replacement therapy influenced life expectancy in women

    The study also concluded that women on HRT had a higher life expectancy than women who don't go through HRT.

  • 10 How longer can vegetarians live exactly?

    The study concluded that vegetarian men can live up to 9.5 years longer, and vegetarian women can live up to 6.1 years longer than the average life of a Californian.