ARQ movie 2016 explained

  • 1 Time is repeating itself

    After CUZ touched the ARQ device, a short circuit happened causing time to loop. The ARQ device became like a time machine that restarts time over and over after a loop that takes 3 hours and 14 minutes. The time loop starts at 06:11:06 and ends at 09:25:21.

  • 2 Dying doesn't restart the loop

    When a person dies the loop doesn't restart. Time continues on normally until 09:25:21 before the loop restarts. For the guy who dies, it seems like the loop restarts the moment they die but that's not true.

  • 3 The events change each loop

    Each time time loops, the events that happen change as a result of some people becoming aware of the loop and so changing their actions. People's awareness of the fact that they are looping in time motivates them to change their actions in each loop.

  • 4 The furthest one from the ARQ remembers first

    The ARQ creates electromagnetic waves that affect memory. This is why the furthest person from the ARQ remembers the events first. This is why Ren was the one who first remembered the loop at the beginning of the movie. 

  • 5 The other people remembered later on

    The other people started to realize that they were looping in time as the loops kept repeating themselves because their memories were slowly restored. By the last loop, everyone knew they were looping in time.

  • 6 Each 9 loops form a cycle

    Each 9 time loops are considered one cycle. After one cycle ends, everyone loses their memory and a totally new cycle happens.

  • 7 Cycles happen because the ARQ gets restarted

    The reason a cycle happens after 9 loops is that the ARQ device gets restarted through the events. In the cycle we see in the movie Ren shuts down the ARQ but Sonny starts it again to create another loop.

  • 8 They have been through thousands of loops

    Our heroes have been trapped in the time loops for a long period of time, as they realized by the end of the movie that they looped thousands of times. The reason this wasn't obvious at first is that their memories get wiped out every cycle (9 loops).

  • 9 Time loops in a small area

    By the end of the movie, Ren concludes that time loops in a small circular area surrounding the house. According to Ren's theory, leaving that area could help them escape the time loop. The guys didn't escape because they wanted to prevent Torus from getting the ARQ.

  • 10 Ren recorded a message for them

    Ren decided to record a message for them at the end of the cycle in order to make himself realize in the next cycle that time is looping. He hoped they would be able to break free from the loops.

  • 11 Hannah woke up first in the following cycle

    In the following cycle, Hannah woke up first. In this cycle she is the one who is going to remember the events first because she was the furthest person from the ARQ at the end of the previous cycle.